8:00AM Check-in, Breakfast (Panera Bread), and Sponsorship Networking Begin Ballroom
12:00PM Opening Ceremony Ballroom
1:00PM Hacking Begins Ballroom
1:00PM Lunch (Taco Mama) & Teamforming Event Ballroom
2:00PM Tech Workshop Track 1: Beginner Python Room 3104
2:00PM Tech Workshop Track 2: Beginner JavaScript - Red Ventures Forum
3:00PM Tech Workshop Track 1: Intermediate Python Room 3104
3:00PM Tech Workshop Track 2: Intermediate JavaScript - Red VenturesForum
4:00PM Tech Workshop: Intro to Git Room 3104
4:00PM Sponsor Talk: 84.51 Forum
5:00PM Sponsor Talk: Pariveda Solutions Forum
6:00PM Dinner (Dreamland BBQ) Ballroom
7:00PM Sponsor Talk: Red Ventures Forum
7:00PM Tech Workshop: Intro to Docker Room 3104
8:00PM Sponsor Talk: The Nine Forum
9:00PM Cup Stacking Competition Ballroom
10:00PM Bubble Wrap Popping Room 3103
11:00PM Slideshow Karaoke Room 3103
11:00PM Ice Cream + Snacks by Pariveda Solutions Ballroom


1:30AM Quiet Time Rooms 3114-3115
8:00AM Breakfast (Panera Bread) Ballroom
12:00PM Lunch (Firehouse Subs) Ballroom
1:00PM Hacking Ends - Submit to Devpost!
1:00PM Demo Presentations Begin Ballroom
2:45PM Closing Ceremony Ballroom


1) If you're a UA student, you know what to do.

2) If your university supports eduroam, select the eduroam network and log in with your normal school email and password.

3) Otherwise, use the Museum wifi.

Network: UA-WPA2
Userid: Ferguson-guest
Password: puvazad1


All announcements will be communicated via Slack. Join the Slack team at If you have any issues, email Andrew.


Our venue, the Ferguson Student Center, will lock at night. If you get locked out, message the #let_me_in channel in Slack and someone will come get you.

Project Resources

MLH's Hardware Lab is available for you to checkout cool stuff. It's located at the front of the ballroom (next to the stage).

MLH's Sponsor Guide has a list of free resources available to you as well.

For $100 in free AWS credit, go here.

Project Submissions

To be eligible for judging, projects must be submitted via Devpost by 1PM on Sunday.


Prize categories and information about our judges can be found on Devpost.

Travel Reimbursements

See the reimbursement table in the Ballroom. You’ll need the names of everyone in your car. Only one person per car needs to go!

Other Issues

If your question isn't answered here, reach out to us in the Slack team using the #general channel.